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on Mon Aug 15, 2016 11:43 am
Have a little fun with this !   THere is a free app included with your Profile page.  You can make a "cartoon" of yourself and upload it...this is great for people who dont really want to put in a real picture.  I have made one today and replaced my "real" photo with it to show you. It is  very easy to do. Just click on the AVATAR tab at the top of your profile page and begin. There are a lot of limitations, so you wont be able to make a "TRUE" image of yourself, but maybe what you WISH you looked like !  ha ha !!  Just enjoy it !!  Totally free of course.  
One thing,  there are lots of advertisements on that page, so be sure to ONLY click on the Avatar items. You do not have to DOWNLOAD any of the ads that are there.  Once you make your picture, you will UPLOAD it to your Forum page.
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