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on Tue Feb 21, 2017 7:46 pm
When you are making a post on the Forum and wish to include a photo (there is a maximum of 3 allowed per post) here is what you do.

Start typing your narrative. Look at the top of your message and you will see 2 rows of little icons in grey boxes.... In the top right box the first tiny blue square is for "Host An Image" .
Click on this.
A box will pop up and give you a bunch of choices. Ignore all the complicated stuff and just click on the green box that says "select files". This will take you to your computer files... go to your pictures or documents, or wherever you have your photos. PLEASE RESIZE YOUR PICTURES to no more than 500 megapixels (mp) by 700 mp . Each picture you post takes up our storage space and I want there to be enough for all members to enjoy. It is not unlimited and some members are paying money each month for this space... so lets be frugal please.
Once you find your picture, all you have to do is "drag and drop" your picture into the top box. WHen you are done dropping them into the box, click on the BLUE box that says "Send All" and your picture URL will be sent to your post. You will see a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo words - that is some kind of computer language...don't worry about it. Just go back to your post at the point (when you have added 1 to 3 photos) and click on the little box underneath of THIS box that says "PREVIEW" or "SEND".
That is all you do ! It is easy. Your pictures should be in your post on the thread.

It is better NOT to add them as Attachments. A lot of people cannot see the I have quit using them .

I hope you all can follow this. I am very bad at giving directions. lol!
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